What are Scholarships, and Why Do They Matter?

Scholarships are money awarded to students to pay for college or career schools. All scholarships are gifts and do not need to be repaid. Some scholarships are merit-based, where a student is awarded a scholarship based on academic achievement or talents and interests, while other scholarships are based on financial need. There are many scholarship opportunities available to all students. You can learn about available scholarships by contacting the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend because most institutions have specific scholarships for their students. There are many search services available online to find scholarships as well. Goingmerry.com is one verified website known as a resource for students searching and applying for scholarships. It is particularly important to make sure you avoid scams by only applying for scholarships listed on verified sites or by trusted organizations. 

Our Madera Unified School District students are encouraged to take advantage and apply for local scholarships during their senior year. Seniors get an in-class presentation via their civic/econ class on the process and how to access the scholarships. The local scholarship book as well as applications are available mid-November and can be accessed online via the scholarship Google classroom, “Class of 2022.” 

The deadline for scholarship applications to be submitted online is January 26, 2022, by 11:59 pm. 

We are grateful to our numerous local Madera clubs, businesses, and donors who give thousands of dollars to our students every year and make these local scholarships possible. Students can always visit the career center at their school site or contact their counselor for additional information.

– Michael Ledesma, Head Counselor


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