Upgrade to MUSD Libraries

Madera Unified has started the process of updating the libraries into a collaborative spaces for our students. With mobile pieces and soft seating, we have created a space that is inviting to our students. Whether our students need a place to study on their own, or want to collaborate with other students, we have created spaces to meet their needs. We have accomplished this task with the assistance of our site staff, purchasing department, and our furniture vendors and their design team. Site staff was able to guide the vendor on their needs and what they would like to see in each of their libraries, from the types of seating options to color choices. To date we have updated Adams Elementary School, Desmond Middle School, MLK Middle School, Madera High School and Madera South High School. We have also, created a lounge space for our students at the Madera Adult School. The total cost for all the library projects was $329,828.39.

Projects currently in the works:

Monroe Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Ripperdan Community Day School. The enhancement of our schools’ library books, subscriptions, periodicals, and technology is a two phase project. Phase one was the Secondary school which received $400,000 out of Title I District funds for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Left are the allocations to the sites.   The allocations are based on free and reduced lunch numbers. All secondary schools were able to use all their money by the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year. In addition to the allocations, all secondary schools also received a vintage collectable set of “Harvard Classics.” Librarians created a special place to display these books and made them accessible to a new generation of readers.

Phase Two: Elementary

This fiscal year, our elementary schools’ libraries have been given the same opportunity as our secondary sites. They are still in the process of buying materials and resources for their libraries. They have expended about 25% of the their $1,000,000 Title 1 District allocation. We are looking forward to a very busy second semester and are excited about welcoming the new school year with updated and rebooted libraries. Right are the allocations and expenditures.  

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