The artist at work: hands-on Corbin Callaway

The New You Never Knew


By Dr. Marchéta Williams, Director Visual and Performing Arts

CORBIN CALLAWAY IS the New Art Teacher at Matilda Torres High School in Madera Unified School District. She never knew she would become an art teacher and she never knew she would someday teach in Madera.

Corbin said, “I never took an art class in high school, and went into college thinking I was going to be part of the forestry service. After I took my first beginning painting class, I fell in love with the studio, creating, and being able to express myself.”

This may lead you to ask, so how did this really all happen? I know from living in the world every day that apples generally don’t fall too far from the tree. In my conversation with Corbin, I learned that she always knew she had a little bit of artistic ability. “I grew up with a mom who was fluent in the creative language, and was surrounded by her creating as a child.” Once Corbin learned that she loved art, she chose to change her major from forestry to graphic design. She graduated from Fresno State in 2018, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Admitting that learning graphic design was enjoyable, she felt she learned much more. Later discovering that it was her passion for ceramics that forced her to take extra classes not needed for graduation that made her realize it was, “The hands-on approach to art that I was more interested in.” George Sheehan, former physician, best known as an author about the sport of running, once said: “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” In the words of Corbin Callaway, “I knew this was something I wanted to do for the remainder of my life, and felt that teaching was the most fitting and fulfilling job I could see myself doing.”

Born and raised in Clovis, and a product of Clovis Unified, Corbin attended Clovis High School. She received her Associates Degree in Studio Arts from Clovis Community, following completion, graduated from Fresno State in 2019 with a degree in Graphic Design, and later completing her credential in 2020. Corbin is a successful studio artist in the Central Valley. She paints and creates ceramic pieces whenever she can. Her artwork often depicts nature, as well as the creation of pieces that reflect the places she has visited. She sells her ceramics locally in Oakhurst, California at the outdoor gear store, Alpenglow Gear Co. She also creates graphic design fliers for companies and paints when she has the time. More than just an artist, Corbin climbs mountains. “As a rock climber, this has always been my main source of inspiration.” Who knew? 

Corbin says, “Now, I am in my first year of teaching, and although it is very different from how I envisioned, I am still loving it and I have already begun making connections with the kids, which makes me even more excited for when we get to see them in person!” 

“I knew this was something I wanted to do for the remainder of my life, and felt that teaching was the most fitting and fulfilling job I could see myself doing.”


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