Madera High Students the first day of school!

Students Back in School

Students Back in School

2021, The New Normal

By Jordan Baez, Communications Technician


s the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the country, students, families, and teachers are navigating the new normal of being back on campus. Starting a new school year is always full of emotions, especially now in the midst of a global pandemic. School closures and social isolation have affected the students tremendously. For most students, school isn’t just about academics; it is also about social interaction. The highlight of a student’s day might be interacting with one another or participating in their favorite extracurricular activity. Madera Unified has done its best to ensure that each student feels like they are entering a safe environment. Students have relied on the understanding and protection of MUSD employees to advocate for their opportunity to learn. A significant portion of the student population has verbally expressed how desperately they’ve missed being in person. Although the protocols and health guidelines have changed the way their school looks, it is important to them that they finish this year alongside one another.

Amelie Medellin, a senior at Madera High School, emphasized that she’s taken advantage of all the opportunities given to her since being back. Amelie explained that attending school-wide events has created a sense of unity and solidarity. She has put her complete trust that the school will continue to provide a safe, stimulating, and enriching space for her. Although her senior year is not what she expected it to be, she’s been trying her best to stay motivated. Medellin is constantly reminding her peers to follow the health guidelines to keep everyone around her safe.

Almost overnight, the pandemic forced the cancellation of the traditional learning system that takes place in school settings. Kendal Bartsch, also a senior at Madera High School, expressed that the staff has done a great job making the students feel welcomed and heard. Kendal said everything is starting to warm up, and she’s getting used to the daily routine again. She explained that the previous year she felt like there were gaps in the online infrastructures. However, she’s happy to re-enter school, knowing that she can ask her teachers and peers for assistance. She feels like she is finally getting the one-on-one help she needs to be successful. It was important to her that she obtain as much knowledge as she could before entering college. Bartsch said that she learns best through interaction, activities, discussions, and asking questions. While on zoom many times, she felt alone and misunderstood. 

While it may have seemed overwhelming to reimagine the start of the school year, we are finally here. Madera Unified is happy to see the positive attitudes and mindsets spreading across the campus. As the school year continues, encouraging one another to keep pushing forward is key. Let’s continue to rise together. 


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