Student Work: Poetry

Rosa Parks

By Arlene Orozco

She stands up for herself – A
She fought for her rights – B
But she wasnt by herself – A
Thanks to that woman we are all tight – B 

She refused to give her seat to white man – A
White people were treated better than people that were colored – B
But most colored people gave their hand – A
She didn’t let herself get shuttered – B

Rest in peace to one of our hero – A
Rosa parks thank you – B
Evan though she started from zero – A
We are all her thankful crew – B

Black History Month

By Faith Cha

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream A
He was are Civil Rights Leader it seemed A
He was are a grate leader B
Martin Luther King Jr was a dreamer B

His dream was for his kids to live freely A
He was so good at being a leader it looked easy A
Martin had so many good speeches he made B
I like how he was not afraid B

But his live had ended
Like all things that was expected
But he left knowing he changed the world
Now the world look better than a curled

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

By Rafael Cristobal-Vasquez

An amazing actor-A
Who is so funny-B
And is also a wrestler-A
Who earns himself a lot of money-B

In Central Intelligence
He was a amazing actor
The movie was also brilliance
And I was laughing after

Dwyane Johnson wrestled
And was know for the rock
He was also successful
And In the WWE he caught someone in a headlock

LeBron James

By Liana Lopez-Juarez

A very well known athlete – A
He was awarded MVP – B
He is never on a seat always on his feet – A
All his money gets him VIP – B

Plays for a team that sounds like jakers – A
Purple and yellow are his main colors – B
Always with his team. Lets go Lakers – A
He also has a lover – A

Maverick Carter is one of his best friend – A
He like spending time with his family – B
Hopefully their friendship never ends – A
I hope there family is spending their time happily – B

Dear Martin Luther King Jr.

By Jocelyn Yanez-Corral

He was a brave leader A
He was also a pleader A
He fought for what was right B
He didn’t want to use his hands to fight B

He marched through towns standing tall and proud A
He chanted along and loud with the crowd A
The crowd was beaten so many times B
But yet they did no crimes B

He was brave and faught to make a difference A
But it was a really intense A
Today we still fight for him and for those who passed B
We won’t stop fighting till we pass B

Distance Learning

By Jade De La Cruz

Doesn’t help much.
Is hard
Super challenging
A difficult time learning
Not as fun
Covid-19 (SUCKS)
Enough of being tired

Learning isn’t as entertaining anymore
Extremely distracting
Annoying when glitches happen
Not able to concentrate
I prefer face to face school
No live interaction
Going to get better

Martin Luther King Jr

By Juan Avila Ramirez

Martin Luther King Jr was a hero.
Some people considered him as a superhero.
Martin Luther King Jr wanted everyone to be treated the same.
He thought getting treated not the same was lame.

Martin Luther King Jr wanted black people to have rights.
And nothing will stop him from doing that because he had no fright.
Martin Luther King Jr did many great speeches.
In his speeches he teaches.

He wanted black people to have rights so he fought.
He kept thinking and thinking then he came up with a thought.
He would always protest in peace.
They wanted rights so they always told the law please.

Rosa Parks

By Henry Santiago-Ramirez

On the earth she left a mark
When she was told to go to the back row
She replied with “no”

With Martin Luther King they stopped segregation
This impacted the whole US nation
With just a bus boycott
The law of people of different color together was bought

Rosa Parks lived a long life
When she passed it cut us like a knife
A statue of her was made in a plot
Rosa Parks did a lot.


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