THE STOPit APP has rolled out to Madera Unified School District students this school year at the Jr High and High School grade levels. STOPit provides students with a simple, fast, and powerful anonymous reporting via STOPit mobile app, web and hotline. It allows for anonymous 2-way dialogue with reporters / student in real-time reporting issues that can be addressed before they turn into an emergency. 

The STOPit app is modern and easy to use with the ability for reporters to easily attach photos or videos. In addition to the mobile app solution, STOPit also offers a web interface with the same functionality as well as a reporting hotline with call centers around the county that are accessible 24/7. So far, since the rollout of STOPit, the schools have been getting anonymous tips regarding drug sales, possession, weapon possession and self-harm. This very useful app has far exceeded our expectations and its widespread use is actively contributing to our school safety.

Staff Reviews regarding STOPit

“The STOPit App is invaluable.”

—Brad Holck, MSHS VP

“STOPit is a wonderful addition to MSHS! The amount of information that we received has been very helpful.”

—Ronda Vaughn,
MSHS Lead Safety Officer

“STOPit has been a good tool allowing students to voice their concerns.”

—Moises Perez, MHS VP

“The students have been comfortable using STOPit. The students trust the app more being able to stay anonymous leading to them reporting activities around campus.”

—Syria Obregon, MHS Safety Officer

“It’s a sense of relief knowing our students have an alternative resource provided to them.”

—Joe Valero, MHS Lead Safety Officer


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