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Creating a Safer Campus for All

The STOPit App is a mobile application used throughout the Madera Unified School District to give students the ability to anonymously report issues of bullying, misbehavior, and negative conduct on our campuses. At Torres High School, students are trained on the importance of the app and how to use it at the start of the school year and at the beginning of each new semester. The idea is for students to have the opportunity to address issues before they grow into emergencies. 

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Both students and staff members see the app as a game changer when it comes to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. When asked about the app and its importance Brad Holck, Torres Vice Principal, shared, “The STOPit App is a valuable tool for students who can be nervous speaking to adults; it gives those students an avenue to share important information that we otherwise might not get.” He went on to add that app use has led to staff being able to address issues on campus such as vaping, fights, as well as instances of bullying, which directly contribute to creating a more positive campus culture. 

Torres High School students also see the benefit of using the app. Torres Junior, Daniella Fernandez Ortiz shared, “I appreciate always having the resource available, especially with issues that are much more personal. The STOPit App provides a way for me to share issues and know that they will be taken care of without my identity or reputation being at stake.” The STOPit App provides an avenue for students to share the issues they witness, so that staff can take action to create a safer campus for all. 

— Bryan Speed, Activities Director, Torres High School


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