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Messages to the Class of 2022

What a year! From the many Top 5 medals earned, championships that were won, or the amazing energy at the Friday Night Football game - you all brought us out of mask wearing in the best way possible. Nothing but the best wishes as you move into the next chapter of your lives. Once a Stallion, always a Stallion!

Erica Moran

MSHS Vice Principal

I play Rod Stewarts Forever Young at the end of year for all my seniors who took Civics & Economics. I think the lyrics are synonyms for Civics & Econ and say it best:

May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam.
And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home.
And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true.
And do unto others as you’d have done to you.
Be courageous and be brave.
And in my heart you’ll always stay
Forever young. (Forever young)
May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong,
Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond.
And may you never love in vain.
And in my heart you will remain

Rodia Montgomery-Gentry

Teacher, Social Science Department

The years will pass, regardless of what you do, make wise choices and continue with school. Whether you decide a degree or trade school is the answer for you. Your future is bright, its waiting for you!

Tami Carmichael

lvn / Nursing, Dixieland

Congratulations Class of 2022! Now buckle up, and enjoy the next ride. Life is a journey. Where will you take you? Make WISE choices and you will go far. 

Valarie Baez

Risk Management Analyst, District Office

Congratulations! We are so genuinely excited about your achievement and the resilience you’ve shown to attain this milestone. To the last graduating class of Stallions that I was privileged to get to know as your former MLK Jr. Middle School Principal: “Remember! Once a King, Always a King & Once a Stallion, Always a Stallion!” I am so proud of all of you!

Sabrina Rodriquez

Principal, Torres High School

Congratulations to the Class or 2022! Make your mark on this world! Work hard each day, Own your failures and learn from them, Success is waiting for you. Good Luck to you all! 

 Ewing Hatfield

Transportation Operations Supervisor

Thank you for letting me be part of your journey. I cannot state how proud of you I am. I have been lucky enough to be with many of you for 3 years, and to be able to see you grow as human has been astronomical. Thank you again, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Amanda Delerio

E.L.D. Teacher, Madera South High School

Follow your passion, but always have a back up plan.
Learn to adapt and keep an open mind with everything you do in life.
Don’t be afraid to travel the country/world to expand your view of this place we all call home. Success is there for everyone to achieve but its up to YOU to work hard and obtain it.*Live life*

Shaun Rollins

Journeyman Maintenance (Parts manager), M&O

Congratulations to the exiting students of the ATP! You have worked hard and are now ready to enter the next chapter of your life. My best advice to you is to never stop learning.

Monica Teran

ATP Teacher, Furman High School/Adult Transition Program

You all have made it this far, we are all very proud of you. You all have stayed on task even during those Covid months we know that it was very challenging and I know at times discouraging but with the help of your teachers and family. The ultimate goal was for you to graduate it’s awesome to see so many students that have reached that goal!! CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement to the class of 2022!!! 

Martha Dominguez

Paraprofessional, Nishimoto

Remember to be nice and work hard. Also, pay it forward (do things for other people, help others and be a mentor to others). You have got this!

 Dave Hauxhurst

5th grade teacher, Parkwood Elementary School

You will NEVER stop learning. Remember every moment is an opportunity to learn from everyone around you, no matter their title. Pay attention when things go well; pay extra attention when they don’t, and watch how people react to it.

 Jazzmin Baez

Teacher, Millview Elementary/Teacher

Do not, whatever the circumstances are, give up on your dreams. With prayers, encouragement, and determination, you CAN accomplish what ever your heart desires. 

Cindy Villar

2nd Grade DLI Teacher, James Madison

Seniors... Make the most out of the knowledge you learned from school. As you graduate, keep working hard. Thrive to success. You’ll soon reap the fruits of your efforts and hard work. Happy graduation!

Mary Pietrowski

Teacher / CTE, Madera South High School

Best of luck to all our graduates. May you have a safe and blessed summer. Good luck on all your success. We Believe In All Of You. ALWAYS.

 Jeanette Hernandez

CN1 / Child nutrition, Desmond

Congratulation class of 2022! As you know, the world is unpredictable, so love with all your heart, take a chance at your dreams, and be prepared for those curve balls that life will throw at you. The game of life is full of them. It may be hard to understand at the time, please know you are never given anything you cannot catch. God Bless you all.

Monica Perdomo

Teacher, Furman

Dear Seniors, Well done and Congratulations! When you think back on your school days, remember all the books and stories that took you to new places. Books that helped you learn more about yourself and the world around you. Keep Reading!, and you will be successful. With Love, Mrs. Hansen

 Susan Hansen

Librarian, Berenda

Congratulations to my very first 3rd grade class from Berenda!
I wish you all the best in your future. Go out and make us proud Broncos!

Melissa Ctibor

Teacher 3rd Grade, Berenda

You have so much potential. Take what you have learned and pursue your passions, never give up, and make Madera proud. 

Kristin McKenna

Director of College and Career Readiness, District Office

Congratulations Class of 2022! Best wishes for your next adventure!
¡Felicidades clase del año 2022! ¡Los mejores deseos para tu próxima aventura!

Mercedes Ochoa

Director of Language and Literacy, Language and Literacy Department

In 20 years of teaching, very few classes have ever left a lasting impression as the 2017 DMS 8th grade class has done. You were incredibly intelligent, kind, and supportive during a difficult time for all of us. Thank you. And to that very small group of students who were very unkind to me (and who made rest of class shine even more in comparison), I hope the years have been kind to you and have matured into amazing adults.

 RG Iniguez

7th / 8th Grade Math Instructor; Desmond (2013‑2021), MLK (2021-Present)

There will be times when you feel alone in your journey to success, but you are not! There are about 37. 2 trillions of cells in your body keeping you company and keeping you alive!! So take care of your body because you only have one!

Denise Cobian-Sanchez

Teacher, Madera High School

Jordan Thomas, Madera South High School. From the moment we met when you were just a little girl in kindergarten to now when you’ve become a brilliant, talented young woman, I’ve known you would be successful in anything you tried. I’m so very proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation!!! 

Kristen O’Berg

Teacher, Matilda Torres High School

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! May the road ahead be full of excitement and new experiences with very few bumps!

 Niki Pool

Science 7 Teacher, MLK

Caps off to you! Congratulations on this momentous moment! Keep working hard and you will continue to achieve many more goals in your life.

 Johnny Corona

CTE-Business Teacher, MadTEC

To the Class of 2022, It was a pleasure having you in class. Thank you for the honor of teaching you this year. I wish you all the best life has to offer. Remember our focus word ‘Stamina’... it will help you on your future path, no matter the direction you take and as always, ‘Be Kind to Your Neighbor’. Love you all, Ms. Kennedy

 Kathleen Kennedy

Teacher, Madera South

A special shout out to the Class of 2022, including my son, Greg (MHS). Wishing everyone the best of luck with their future plans in life and I hope all of you continue to stay close friends after graduation. Take care and stay safe out there!

Mary DeLaCerda

IT Administrative Assistant, DO  — Information Technology

Life is work in anything and in everything you do. Life will test you, but do not stray. You have been empowered by educators over the years to walk in the direction that will lead you to your success. Persevere and believe in what you do always for you are the future to lead the next generation. Now go and be proud of who you are and in what you have been prepared for. Congratulations Class of 2022!

Robert Torrez

4th grade teacher, Howard Elementary

Oh the places you can go, the places you can see. With determination and perseverance all things are possible. Believe in yourself and never lose sight of your goals. Congratulations.

 Shirley Gregory

Principal, Madera Adult School

Dulce Gomez, from Julie, Deven, and your tia. We wish you the best Miss Smarty Pants. Julie will need to find a new ride now LOL.

 Grisel Galicia

Administrative Assistant, M&O

CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating seniors who were a part of the 2017-2018 Newcomer Academy at Martin Luther King Middle School. I am so proud of you all & wish you the best!

Jorden Sobonya

Teacher, Newcomer Academy


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