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By Erik Lowry, Principal


very day, the entire staff at Millview Elementary School strives to provide a high-quality education experience for all students in a safe, orderly environment. We strive for excellence as we embrace our school mission — Millview School will ensure high levels of learning for all. The Millview culture is reflected in the vision with a commitment to creating a learning community, where excellence is achieved and students are encouraged to succeed and reach their highest potential. The Millview staff embraces a focused and commit­ted philosophy, by creating a learning community and an overall experience designed for students to receive the opportu­nity to encounter the joy of learning. Students experience “joy” through the opportunities to engage in academic rigorous classroom instruction, and weekly inspiration through art, music, STEM, physical education, and meaningful literature experiences in our school library.

Through Millview’s Strategic Action Plan, our team established an improvement aim focused on student academic growth. Our focus is on ensuring that 100% of Millview’s 1st through 6th grade students grow their math skills and improve their individual percentage on the Math NWEA assessment. As a focused educational community, we strive to achieve 100% growth for all students. Student growth in regards to core subjects such as English Language Arts, Science, Social Science, and English Language Development for our second language learners are also equally important, and are given substantial attention as well. English Language Development instruction is a vital component for our second language learners. We recognize that both designated and integrated ELD instruction for our second language learners is important. Language acquisition is vital and imperative to each student’s achievement and to the reclassification process.

Millview embraces the concept of individual academic student goal setting. The Millview administration team meets with students individually and in small groups to set academic goals. We realize the importance of students using the MUSD “Me to Be” individualized academic reports to set goals in both reading and mathematics. Goal setting gives the students a realization of where they are academically and what work they need to accomplish to be grade level ready or higher. Most importantly, goal setting functions as an individualized academic road map providing each student the opportunity to be responsible for their own learning. At Millview, we believe that learning goes beyond teachers providing good first instruction and lesson differentiation. The greatest amount of learning happens when lessons are not only rigorous, relevant, and engaging, but most importantly, when the students themselves take ownership and responsibility for their own learning and the learning process. As students achieve their goals, it gives them a sense of accomplishment, a higher level of self-esteem, the ability to believe in themselves, and therefore, the desire to continue setting higher goals.

We take pride in our positive school culture at Millview Elementary. We are fortunate to have a staff that illustrates and embraces the term, “selflessness.” Students come first with a focus on safety, academics, and positive relationships. The Millview staff continuously goes above and beyond, serving our students daily and concentrating on making a positive impact for all. We maintain and support positive student behavior through PBIS. The PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention Systems team helps to drive initiatives forward, both schoolwide and at the classroom level, so that students can be academically, socially, and emotionally successful throughout the school year. The entire Millview staff strives to create a safe, positive, student centered environment, where all students are given the opportunity to build skills, academic proficiency, and good character through our S.O.A.R. initiative. Students S.O.A.R. by displaying Self-control, staying On-task, being Accountable, and Respectful. The importance of building staff — student relationships and student comprehension of Millview’s S.O.A.R. initiative are key components during our first two weeks of school. Every student is given a “Passport To Success” booklet the first day of school. Throughout the first two weeks of school, students take a journey through the campus with their teacher. During this time, students learn the names and faces of staff members, but also learn the S.O.A.R. components in regard to proper behavior expectations in different areas of the campus. Through teamwork, collaboration, and reflection, the Millview family, comprised of both staff and students, creates an environment where students feel empowered. Through their positive actions, students become productive citizens and caring young adults. When students leave Millview, whether because of promotion to middle school, moving to another school, or for any other reason, we hope their journey at Millview was a positive, successful, and memorable experience that inspires each of them to SOAR into their future!

Principal Erik Lowry and Vice Principal Veronica Carrillo
Principal Erik Lowry and Vice Principal Veronica Carrillo
Hands-on student project
Hands-on student project

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