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Safety Committee

By Dr. Rebecca Malmo, Executive Director of Student and Family Support Services

MADERA UNIFIED SCHOOL District Safety Committee is highly engaged and dedicated to serving the safety needs of our students and staff. The Committee meets every other month and is comprised of several stakeholders. Members include School Board Clerk Ruben Mendoza, Director of Student Services, Alyson Crafton, Safety and Security Manager, Lawrence Fernandez, Madera County District Attorney, Sally Moreno, Executive Director, Student and Family Support Services, Dr. Rebecca Malmo, representatives from Madera Police Department and several school administrators, representing elementary, middle, K-8 and high schools. The meetings are open to the public, and parents are encouraged to attend. 

The Safety Committee addresses a variety of safety-related issues, including dress code, campus threat assessment, substance abuse concerns, such as statistics on students’ use of alcohol and other drugs, programs including Sandy Hook Promise, and the pursuit of grants and other outside funding sources to advance our safety efforts. The Safety Committee also reviews safety-related products and makes recommendations for Board consideration. Examples of recent safety products include the Titan app, used for emergency communication at school sites, Raptor, a school visitor screening database program, and vape detectors, currently being tested at one of our secondary schools. All of these products began as pilots at one or more schools, and were scaled-up after the impact on student and staff safety was demonstrated for the unique needs of Madera Unified. 

The Safety Committee is also the venue for parents and community members to find answers to their school safety questions and concerns. Further, it provides an opportunity for parents to share their school safety suggestions. 

The Safety Committee will meet on the following dates this school year: November 21, 2019, January 23, 2020, March 19, 2020, and May 21, 2020. All meetings are held in the Boardroom at the MUSD office at 1902 Howard Road, Madera, from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. 


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