Resources for Current Seniors

The Fall semester of senior year begins with college planning. School Counselors help guide students with community and 4-year college applications. In August, information is presented in senior classes, September students are guided through the community college online application, and in October some students begin the CSU/UC and private/out of state applications. 

The community college registration process consists of four major steps that each student must follow. Step one is to complete the online application and the second step is to complete an online orientation: both of these task are completed during the Fall semester. The third step is to complete an advising meeting with a college counselor, and the final step is registration, in which students select the classes they will take. The final two steps are completed during the Spring semester, but it is necessary that each step be completed in order for the student to be fully enrolled. 

For seniors who have submitting an application to a 4-year university, it is important to follow the next steps to finalize your application process:

Step one, check your email daily. Step two, create a student account and email.Step three, accept/decline admissions to the school of your choice by the deadline. Step four, register for orientation (this step is mandatory) by the deadline. During orientation you may meet with your academic advisor. Step five, make sure to submit any AP test scores you have passed. If your scores are being used to meet a-g requirement, and are not received by the final deadline, your admission may be cancelled. Step six, check your student portal to ensure your high school transcript has your senior year final grades and posted graduation date. Admissions may be rescinded if they are not received by the final document deadline.

For seniors who took or are currently enrolled in a dual enrollment course (passing or not), it will be your responsibility to request an official college transcript to be sent directly to the university you plan to attend. 

– Bianca Rodriguez, Head Counselor


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