MUSD Educational Program Offerings

Offerings Across the Board at MUSD


  • Electives offered: STEM, Art, Music 
  • Imago (Career Technical Education Pathways) 6th grade
  • Advanced Learners program

Middle Schools:

All middle schools in Madera Unified offer the career wheel. The career wheel covers an introduction to career exploration in the different CTE pathways offered across the high schools. Middle schools also offer opportunities to complete one year of a college prep Spanish I course that also counts towards high school graduation credits. All seventh-grade students can also apply to Madera Technical Education Center.

High Schools:

All high schools provide opportunities for Career Technical Education Pathways in the industry sectors of Agriculture, Arts, Media and Entertainment, Construction, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Culinary, Marketing, Manufacturing, Public Safety, and Transportation. 

Full descriptions and information are available Students have access to college preparatory courses as well as Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses. Madera Unified offers Advanced Placement courses in all core subjects areas that give students the opportunity to take rigorous coursework with the added benefit of receiving college credit. Students can take up to 19 college courses that meet General Education requirements in college with core courses and Career Technical Education offerings through our dual enrollment offerings.

Course Guidefor High Schools:

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