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Sophia Nassar
Sophia Nassar MSHS Student Trustee
Gladys Torres-Carmona
Gladys Torres-Carmona MSHS Alternate Student Trustee
Ingrid Sosa Ramirez
Ingrid Sosa Ramirez THS Student Trustee
Annelise Stephens
Annelise Stephens THS Alternate Student Trustee
Dayana Camacho-Cruz
Dayana Camacho-Cruz ALT ED Student Trustee
Ashley Gutierrez
Ashley Gutierrez ALT ED Alternate Student Trustee

Madera High School

My name is Victoria Medrano, I am seventeen years old and have attended Madera Unified School District schools since kindergarten. I started out as a John Adams All-star, then continued my education as a Thomas Jefferson Patriot, and now I am at my final destination within the district as I currently attend Madera High School, home of the Coyotes. My current course schedule includes ERWC, Civics and Economics, Advancement Placement Statistics, Leadership, Advanced Placement Psychology, and Dual Enrollment Anatomy, which have all taught me an abundance of useful information that goes further than just classroom application, but real-world application as well. While at Madera High School, I have committed myself to being involved at school. I am currently senior class president, a link crew leader, a member of the California Scholarship Federation, a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a member of the Class of 2022, and a member of Block M. I am a scholar-athlete as I have been a varsity cross country and track and field participant throughout high school. I enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends and volunteering within my community to help raise money for those in need. I look forward to the future as I plan to pursue a career in the medical field to continue helping others because it is my passion.
As a student board member, I would like to further create relationships with students within our school district. Relationships built on trust allow a variety of ideas to be explored to solve and create new opportunities for the members of our community. I hope to be able to fulfill this position with the utmost respect and integrity while creating as many relationships with fellow students as possible so that they can feel comfortable sharing their concerns and ideas with me. As I take on this position, I would like to work towards conveying my peers’ concerns and suggestions and putting them into action. It is important for them to feel validated and know that their voice matters. Madera Unified School Districts’ philosophy is “We Believe.” I believe that together with our education system, our ideas, our educators, and our students, we can help make our school district the best atmosphere it can be. My philosophy is that when we all come together, we can create greatness when we feel accepted and appreciated. One can say words that appear to be meaningless, but when we allow all ideas to become substance, we ensure that all those around us feel welcomed.


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