Meet the New Student Trustees

Madera South High School

Portrait of Sophia Nassar

Sophia Nassar

I, Sophia Nassar, am 17 years old and a proud senior at Madera South High School. I was born and raised in Madera. I attended Sherman Thomas Charter School from kindergarten until the 7th grade when I then transferred to and was part of the first graduating class from Sherman Thomas STEM Academy. Since, I have been enrolled at Madera South High School where I have earned good standing in academics (CSF member, Scholar Athlete and taking honors MCCAP and Dual Enrollment courses) and extracurricular activities in (Class of 22 Club President, HOSA member, MSTC Secretary, ASB Treasurer, Founder of KIND360, Varsity Swim, Cheer and Dance and Golf) and out of school (Madera Interact Director of Board 20-21 and President 21-22). In my spare time, I, Trustee Nassar, enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family to create new memories and experiences. 

I have always had a passion for helping others and wanting to lift up other students out of their comfort zones, so they can voice their opinions, as I had to learn when I was a quiet freshman. This year as I take on the position of Student Board Member, I hope to create an environment where students are not judged for their backgrounds, whatever their current money/living/health circumstances may be and their culture. I hope to earn the trust and respect of my peers, so, with our community, this vision is closer to becoming a reality. I am honored to be able to serve as the Student Board Member representing Madera South High School ‘21-22. 

After departing from Madera South High School and Madera Unified School District, I plan to attend a four year university in California to pursue the medical field and major in biology to become a developmental pediatrician. I hope to return back to the central valley to give back to the places that raised me. 

Gladys Torres-Carmona, Alternate

My name is Gladys Torres-Carmona, and I am the student board trustee alternate for Madera South High School. I was born and raised in Madera and have always wanted to give back to the community. I ran for office because of the need for progress and the use of student voices. I was inspired to become a trustee because I would constantly hear complaints about school issues and wanted to do something about them. These issues included small complaints that could easily be fixed; however, students did not know who and where to voice their concerns. This opportunity allowed me to be a reliable and trustworthy person for students to come to. One of the future goals I have is to make students feel content with student trustees. I will know I have achieved this goal if I receive positive feedback and see the overall happiness of students. In my perspective, I believe that a student trustee who is passionate, open-minded, and optimistic will help them become a successful student trustee. A fun fact about myself is that I enjoy baking and selling desserts that range from traditional Mexican desserts to croissants and macaroons.

TORRES High School

Portrait of Ingrid Sosa Ramirez

Ingrid Sosa Ramirez

My name is Ingrid Sosa Ramirez, current Junior at Matilda Torres High School and Student Board Member Representative. I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, during the spring, the “season of new beginnings”, that’s where my story begins. I completed my basic education K-5 there and emigrated to the United States in 2017, the same year I attended and got promoted from Cesar Chavez and onto Martin Luther King Junior Middle School, and then onto Desmond Middle School from which I got promoted as one of the top 12 of my class. I attended Madera South High School for my freshman year and since then have attended Matilda Torres High School. Throughout this time, I have tried to challenge myself and maintain my involvement in my educational environment and in my community through clubs-such as CSF, HOSA, Latinx, Science Club, etc-youth programs and trainings, as well as coalitions–such as that offered by department of health: Students Working Against Tobacco-and challenging courses offered such as AP’s, Dual Enrollment, Enhanced, and Honors. 

It was brought to my attention during my sophomore year that there was a position open for students who were interested in not only demonstrating but also enhancing their leadership skills, to which I was very interested. I read about how this opportunity would allow me to be more involved with my peers, their concerns, their feedback, and more which made this opportunity even better. I thought of this as another opportunity to not only grow as a leader but to work with other students to obtain feedback and allow an insight into what we as students believe. And to do my best to make sure that students feel heard and understood. All of this with the purpose of creating real change in our school environment for the better, not only for us but also for future generations. 

Personally, for the future I would like to go into the medical field, which I know requires hard work, long hours, and an insane amount of pressure but this is one of my dreams, to be able to contribute to a community, which we can all do, impacting at least one person at a time.

Portrait of Annelise Stephens

Annelise Stephens

I, Annelise Stephens (Annie) was elected to The Board in September 2020, and ran as the student board member for THS, this year i was selected as the alternative board member for THS. I was born and raised in Madera California, attending Parkwood, Brenda, Desmond, and am now attending Matilda Torres high school.

Now that I am in high school I have served as the Vice President of Activities, and am currently trying for it again. I attend several different clubs and I have also reached out to the teachers in my previous middle school, Jack G Desmond, for volunteer work as well as looking for new ways to get involved and help out the community as best as I can.

My purpose for being an Alternative Student Trustee and being on The Board is to give a voice to those in need. As I was going through school, up until this point, I have always found it difficult to reach out and say something because every time I wanted to make a difference, someone said, “Oh you can’t change that “, or “Rules are rules,” but being the type of person I am, I believe the rules can be changed. I want to make a voice for those who feel the same way! Every student is equal and all students matter. I want to make a difference for all people, starting with the future.


Portrait of Dayana Camacho-Cruz

Dayana Camacho-Cruz

I, Dayana Camacho-Cruz, born and raised in Madera, I started my educational journey at Washington Elementary where I became a proud tiger. Shortly after I attended ETAA charter school, where I became the captain for both the basketball and flag football team and where I developed life long relationships. I then attended Madera High for a period of time and is currently attending Furman High school as a junior in hopes to graduate at Furman. I am passionate about learning and making my high school experience as great as it can be. I also want to be a great role model for those around me as well as become someone that will advance in life as an educational leader and advocate for silenced voices.

I am the daughter of immigrant parents and am very proud to be. I hope to shine a light on issues that are seen but aren’t spoken about in order to make not only the students’ high school experience better, but mine as well. I also believe that life is a learning experience and that there is always time to focus and improve on yourself. No matter where you come from or who you are, you can always make it if you put forth the effort and remember who you are. I believe that holding this position is something one should be proud of since it comes with a great responsibility, and I am ready to face these challenges head on.

Portrait of Ashley Gutierrez

Ashley Gutierrez

Ashley Gutierrez was born in Madera and went to pershing elementary school but in 7th grade she moved to Chowchilla and wasn’t achieving her goals academically. She then moved back to Madera and is now the class of 2022 in Mountain vista where she found amazing teachers and staff that helped her improve academically. She volunteers in her church youth group. One of the amazing things they do to help others out and give back to the community is go out and give people in need food. 

With her new position, she wants to make a change by, making continuation schools have a bigger voice and to be not forgotten by regular high schools in Madera and to make continuation schools more involved in activities and extracurricular activities just as the regular High schools are in Madera. She wants to listen to her fellow peers’ ideas and suggest them to the other student board members and show that people in high school have great ideas because they’re the ones that experience firsthand on a day to day basis on what it’s like on campus and the things that are flawed that can be changed. Ashley is very grateful that this opportunity was given to her so she may give a voice to her fellow peers and change the flaws in continuation schools.


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