Meet the New Communications Technicians

Jordan Baez

Little About Me: I was born and raised in Madera, CA. I am a photographer who is passionate about using my talent to inform, inspire, and influence. Capturing memories is one major reason why I love photography.

Education: My entire adolescent K–12 I attended MUSD schools. When I graduated from Madera High School in 2016, I decided to attend community college for two years and have now transferred to Fresno State where I am currently working to obtain a degree in Communication Studies. 

Future Goals: I hope to own my own business and build something that brings a community together. I also really enjoy making strong connections with the people around me. I’ll be able to utilize all my knowledge in photography, videography, graphic design, and etc!  My future business will definitely be a place where people of all ages can come to express themselves. 

A Fun Fact About Myself: A fun fact about me is that I pretty much thrift everything I wear.  When collecting vintage, you’ll definitely find one-of-a-kind pieces. I love thrifting because it is more sustainable for the environment and helps to reduce waste. Shopping second hand also plays a role in boosting community development. Your money is typically used to help local charities and businesses. 

Alexis Camarillo

Little About Me: I love spending time with my friends and family, taking my dog on walks around the neighborhood, and traveling with my boyfriend. Some of my favorite things include spicy foods, new plants, and true crime shows. 

Education: I graduated from Clovis East High School in 2016 and later that year I started at Fresno State where I had originally wanted to study criminal justice. Eventually, I found my way to communications and fell in love. I will be graduating this Spring with a degree in communications and a minor in mass communications and journalism.

Future Goals: My dream is to own my own consultation agency that specializes in social media strategy. I would love to work closely with smaller, POC brands to really help them stand out and flourish. 

A Fun Fact About Myself: When I was younger, I was convinced that I would be a famous singer / songwriter like Taylor Swift. I carried a notebook with me everywhere and wrote dozens of songs. I found it again during a move and trust me, they were horrible.

Alejandra Galindo

Little About Me: I grew up in Madera, CA, and attended Madera Unified School District for my primary and secondary education. I am an alumna from Washington Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Madera High School. I have had the privilege of working for the after-school program at Alpha Elementary School since 2015. I enjoy traveling, dancing, painting, drawing, and baking. 

Education: I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing in May 2021 from California State University, Fresno.

Future Goals: My ultimate career goal is to create a non-profit that gives back to students and our community. I would like to create a resource center that students and families can visit to receive information about anything they need, from health insurance to school resources. Ultimately, I would like to become a life-long partner in the education system. 

A Fun Fact About Myself: I enjoy researching and learning about crime scenes. My favorite shows to watch are Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Makeup, and Mystery Monday series on Youtube and Criminal Minds.

Samantha Foley

Little About Me: I was born and raised in Madera, CA into a family of MUSD employees. My grandpa drove buses and did maintenance while my grandma was an administrative assistant at Washington Elementary School. My dad is retiring this year from TJ after 26 years of service and my mom is in her 30th year of teaching at John Adams as well as my aunt. Any free time I have, I volunteer in the community to give back. I love coffee, anything Disney-related, and trying new Mexican restaurants! 

Education: My entire K-12 educational journey was through Madera Unified. I went to John Adams Kindergarten-6th, TJ 7th-8th, and graduated as a Madera High Coyote in 2015. I went on to pursue my BA in Psychology and graduated in the Fall of 2019 from Fresno State. I am currently enrolled at USC in their Master’s of School Counseling program. 

Future Goals: My future goals are to work for Madera Unified as a school counselor one day. With any spare time I have, I would love to start a non-profit organization! 

A Fun Fact About Myself: I used to work at Disneyland! With that opportunity, I was able to ride Space Mountain with the lights on and work an event that Carrie Underwood performed at. I loved making magic for families that came into the park! 

Bailey Giersch

Little About Me: I am a Madera kid, born and raised, and lived here my whole life. I am a fan of all things Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and crafting. I love being creative and making something new with paint, yarn, drawing, or designing. 

Education: Growing up, I went to Madera Unified Schools like Berenda Elementary, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and graduated from Madera High School in 2016. I completed two years of Community College in the central valley before transferring to my dream school Biola University located in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from Biola in December of 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. 

Future Goals: I plan to keep taking it one day at a time. I hope to keep working and supporting myself, and my family or friends when necessary. I plan to keep expanding my skill sets and use them in all the places I go. 

A Fun Fact About Myself: A fun fact about me is I once won a staring contest against a StormTrooper at Disneyland while I was dressed as R2D2.

Manny Chaidez

Little About Me: I am a Communications Technician for Madera Unified School District. I am honored and blessed to be able to work the role that I am given. My favorite hobby and the thing I am passionate about is videography. I love that I am able to use my skills to be able to highlight the events that happen in our school district and for the city of Madera. 

Education: I grew up and attended school at Madera Unified: from grades K-12. I just recently graduated from Madera South High School, Class of 2021. I am currently a student at Madera Community College majoring in Communications: Multimedia Production.

Future Goals: I plan to graduate and obtain my degree in Communications. My ultimate goal is be able to do something that I love and be able to make a living off of it. That something that I love to do is Videography. I am not sure of what specific role I would like, but as long as it is something in that field of work I would be happy to do it.

A Fun Fact About Myself: A fun fact about me is that I love to drink milk. Back then, my family would tell me that they were going to give me a cow for my birthday. And I was definitely okay with that!


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