Information & Technology Support Staff

Mary DeLaCerda, Administrative Assistant, provides support to the Director and the IT team by directing phone calls, performing a wide variety of highly complex professional administrative and analytical work
Frank Guillen
Jaime Bravo
James Hudson
Nam Nguyen
The IT Call Center Support team works steadily away answering support tickets placed by staff.
Pao Moua
Joshua Rieping
MHS library staff, Gina Cardenas and Mona Gutierrez, help with making sure students and parents sign Device User agreement when providing a chromebook to a new student. Once a form is filled and signed, they provide the student with chromebook and charger. They also do a brief inspection and label issues on a chromebook that is being replaced.
David Solorio
Joanne Glantz
Steven Lamerson
Jack Anderson
Moises Ambriz is working on new laptops that are going to be handed out to some teachers with old laptops. He is able to provide support for teachers and depending on situations, help parents and students with general tech questions.
All replacements are handed to Vincent Correa from Transportation who is helping out with minor Chromebook repairs and checking out/in Chromebooks. Rosalinda Herrera from Transportation is handing Vincent a Chromebook that was returned for troubleshooting.

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