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Increase in Sports Offerings at Madera Unified School District

THE MADERA UNIFIED athletics department is excited to implement new sports offerings and lend further support to one another. The board supported the addition of Girls Wrestling and Competitive Cheer along with added support to our sideline and competition cheer programs! All of these programs continue to support our female athletes in Madera!

Wrestling has a big tradition in Madera and girls wrestling is currently the fastest growing sport in California and catching on all across the United States. We have lots of girls interested and are blessed with some of the best female wrestlers in the Valley and State. This year we were able to grow the sport to a point where we had our own girls’ elementary district tournament which was a big success. Next year we will be adding girls wrestling teams at each of our middle schools and high schools. They will wrestle their own schedule of tournaments and compete in the County-Metro Athletic Conference (CMAC) when other schools have teams. They will also compete in the Section and State Championships through the qualifying process.

A couple of years ago, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) approved Competitive Cheer as an official CIF sport. It is offered in the Spring and for the first time Madera High School and Madera South High School will have teams. This is very different from sideline cheer, as the girls all wear uniforms with numbers and compete against other schools in dual matches. The schools both have the same routine and there are officials and substitutions just like any other sport. We will compete in the CMAC along with all of our other sports!

Lastly, the board has supported TEC gymnastics and All About Dance as two facilities we can utilize for our gymnastics, diving and competition cheer teams. This allows us to practice with mirrors and dance floors in order to be able to practice on a level playing field with other schools. The board also supported a budget increase so that cheer now has a budget to work from for transportation, uniforms, equipment and competitions!

You go GIRLS!! Many thanks to the board for their continued support of Madera Unified Athletics!!


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