Chad Wallace hugging his daughter

Employee Highlight

MY NAME IS Chad Wallace and I am the Facilities Planning Analyst for Madera Unified School District. I grew up in Clovis, California and have lived there for nearly my whole life. I attended Clovis Unified schools from elementary through high school. I then went on to Fresno State where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. I have been married to my wonderful wife Sovorn for almost 10 years. She teaches seventh grade math at Washington Academic Middle School in Sanger. We have two adorable little girls. Adalyn, who is nine, earned straight A’s every quarter last school year and is planning on keeping the streak alive this year in the fourth grade. Eloise is my adorable little three year old who relentlessly compensates for her small stature with her giant personality. My family and I love to take weekend trips  to the coast and day trips to hike in Yosemite. My family’s love and support has provided me with the inspiration to work hard and make them proud. 

I was hired by Madera Unified in February 2012 to work as an Account Tech V in the Payroll Department. In the four years I worked there, I learned a lot and had an opportunity to develop great relationships with many of the Madera Unified Believers. Working in the Payroll Department required many long hours. It was seldom fun, but it was always rewarding. I am infinitely grateful to Teri Bradshaw for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Business Office. 

My next opportunity presented itself when the position of Facilities Planning Analyst became available. I applied for the position and thankfully Director Rosalind Cox decided to hire me. As the Facilities Planning Analyst, my responsibilities include things such as projecting student enrollment and staffing, creating maps of school sites and attendance areas, tracking bond expenditures, and photographing the progress of construction projects. The diversity of my workload is one of the reasons I love my current role at Madera Unified. The other reason I love my position is the wonderful people in this department. It is a truly outstanding work environment that has been created by the exceptional people in it.

It is great to be a part of the Facilities Planning and Construction Management team and to be part of the bigger Madera Unified team. I look forward to contributing for many more years to come. As a Believer, I continue to be fulfilled knowing that I am part of an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the children of this community.


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