Desmond Middle School Receives Award

DESMOND MIDDLE SCHOOL was awarded the 2021 Bonner Character and Civic Education Award on behalf of California State University, Fresno this February during a virtual ceremony. Presented to schools demonstrating exemplary character and civic education, Desmond is the first school within Madera Unified School District to earn this award and was proud to have one of its own students, Madison T., accept the award on behalf of the school.

Desmond Middle School attributes its success to the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, PBIS, team. PBIS provides active, foundational support to all students while further helping students who need more individualized support in behavior and academics. Desmond’s PBIS team consists of administrators, healthcare professionals, and various teachers.

“I am incredibly proud of the staff and students here at Desmond Middle School. It is great to see students working hard and being responsible and then being recognized by their teachers for those successes.” says Carry Gassett, Principal of Desmond Middle School. “Over the past year we have had a positive culture shift here at Desmond and we all agree that Desmond is a fantastic school because of that positive culture.”

Receiving the Bonner Center for Character Education and Citizenship Award is given only to exemplary schools. The Bonner award is awarded to schools which provide the best instruction in subjects, believe in the importance of education, both in the classroom and morally, and “ensure the character education of students.”

“I have been very impressed by how the staff at Desmond has embraced PBIS. We want Desmond to be a school where positive behavior/character education and academic success go hand-in-hand. ” said Matt Tobin, Vice Principal of Desmond Middle School. “I am incredibly proud of the work our entire staff is doing to meet the needs of students during this unprecedented time.”

– Jake Martinez, Communications Technician


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