Core Values

Core Values

Superintendent’s Message

By Todd Lile, Madera Unified School District Superintendent

What are some slogans, mottos, or phrases we all know, that capture the spirit of Madera Unified? What have we always believed in these last 52 years? The Superintendent’s Executive Cabinet was asked these questions several months ago and revealed we had more work to do. While some of our leaders are Madera Unified alumni, others have chosen to relocate here, so we all know this community intimately. An organization’s values, beliefs, and assumptions must be clearly understood and occasionally challenged. To that end, our trustees have shared their beliefs and expectations clearly in order to build a solid foundation. After some deep discussions we felt confident we captured the spirit of the board and the community in order to build upon that foundation. Our core values guide our strategic and tactical decision-making each week through the lens of these questions:

Equity Before Equality

Will this prioritize equity before equality? We believe deeply in equality for all students and also understand some students need extra support to reach a level playing field so they can access equal opportunities. Adults have the obligation to provide needed supports so those who start from behind have a real chance to catch up. WE BELIEVE in beating the odds and achieving students’ goals.

Student Centered Decision Making

Is this decision focused on students’ needs? We believe in prioritizing the needs of students and keeping their future as our guiding light. Depending upon the issue, students’ needs could be mistaken for the needs of adults. Knowing the difference and understanding the desired outcome is key to our overall success. WE BELIEVE in keeping students’ needs in focus in all our decisions, as we guide them toward adulthood.

Community Relationships

Will this foster and deepen relationships with our community partners? Public school is for everyone and impacts the quality of life for all citizens. This democratic republic is only as strong as the public’s support and we are incredibly proud to have inspired such powerful support from our faith community, business owners, non-profits, public servants, service clubs, and parents. They have helped build this district for five decades and WE BELIEVE in protecting the community’s investment in our students for future generations!

Excellence for All

Will this promote excellence for all? Our board demands the highest expectations for our students. Too often our community has wondered if we are willing to push students to be their best in all they do. Our team keeps this issue in focus each week and push ourselves to uphold the same level of excellence we have for our own children for all Madera’s children. Hundreds of examples exist of our students competing at the state and national level in virtually everything. WE BELIEVE with expectations of excellence, quality guidance, ample resources and opportunities, Madera’s students can achieve at the highest levels.

Learning Organization

Will this further the development of our learning organization? The pace of discovery and innovation continues to speed up. All around us new knowledge is being created. This is true in the field of education where neurology, psychology, and technology are providing incredible new insights and redefining best practices. Beyond that, businesses have much to teach us so that we can improve and inspire our students. As adults, our formal education might end with diplomas or certificates but informal learning is ongoing. WE BELIEVE all adults and students must continue to learn, apply, and reflect each day to improve.

Collaborative Culture

Will this facilitate a collaborative culture within all levels of our district? The increasing complexity of our world has generated very rigorous educational standards. Our students are being asked to learn and perform at historically high levels. Across the world, universities are rapidly transforming their emphasis on teamwork to both learn and produce new things to solve unique problems to meet the demands of the workplace. Modeling collaboration at all levels of our district is tremendously important. WE BELIEVE in collaboration between students, staff, and the community.

Results Oriented

Will this be measured effectively and be results-oriented? Initiatives or solutions must be measured, analyzed, and evaluated if we are to sustain improvement at any level. This is true for student achievement, wellness, staff morale, leadership and planning. Implementation and effectiveness must be measured and understood so we can insure needs are met and eventually exceeded, as a high quality return on investment. WE BELIEVE in a results-oriented approach to improve the lives of our students and improve the overall community.

Honesty + Competency = Trust

This statement was adopted to narrow our focus and achieve our goals. These values are being shared to further our transparency with our stakeholders and demand honesty of ourselves. We must continually strive for new levels of competency in our work for the stability of the district. Ultimately we understand trust between our district and the community and within our organization will set Madera Unified on a path toward the highest levels of success in our history. It all starts with knowing our values and communicating them clearly. We will continue to strive to incorporate these values. WE BELIEVE Madera’s students and future are worth it!

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