Dear MUSD Partner,

As a core component of the state required Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), the mission of the Madera Unified School District’s  We Believe Newspaper is to improve communications with the community we serve. Our goal is to keep Madera residents informed on all developments, achievements, projects, and issues facing our community of students, parents, educators, staff, and all other MUSD stakeholders.

The inaugural issue was published on May 18, 2018 and the sixth quarterly issue will be published in the middle of August 2019.

Our schools reflect the quality of their local support. Can you commit, today, to helping publish our third issue of the MUSD Newspaper? To help you budget your future ad placement, please refer to the rates below for your ad. Initially, the newspaper will have 8 pages. The format will likely grow to 12 pages in the near future as the newspaper evolves. Please remember that the newspaper will be a full-color document, distributed to every single Madera household and business!

Don’t miss out on this great and unique opportunity, and reply to this message with a resounding YES!
Thank you for your continued support!

Todd Lile,
MUSD Superintendent

Circulation: Madera Area

Circulation Area
size\frequency 1x 2x 3x 4x
Full page  $ 1,870.00  $ 1,776.50  $ 1,683.00  $ 1,496.00
1/2 page  $ 990.00  $ 940.50  $ 891.00  $ 792.00
1/4 page  $ 550.00  $ 522.50  $ 495.00  $ 440.00
1/8 page  $ 330.00  $ 313.50  $ 297.00  $ 264.00

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We are currently working out the last details on advertising on this website and will promptly update this page with web ad rates.

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