Concurrent Enrollment Update

In August of 2020, Madera Unified will open a brand-new middle school for 8th-grade students. This school is currently referred to as a Concurrent Enrollment Middle School and will be officially named sometime during the 2019-2020 school year. Interested MUSD 8th-grade students will be allowed to attend this new school, conceived around 6 career technical education-themed labs. Students will choose a lab theme in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Digital & Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Public Safety or Health Sciences. They will study at this middle school for half a day, either mornings or afternoons, during which time they will earn their elective credit as well as English and one other core subject area of either Math, Science or Social Science courses. They will take coursework in the remaining subject areas during the other half of their school day, at their home school. This new school is designed to provide a hands-on, lab-based environment. The plans for the new facility are currently awaiting approval at the Division of the State Architect. The finished school will be located next to Virginia Lee Rose Elementary, in the open dirt lot, and students will get bused in to and from their home schools. We have recently hired the principal for the school, Ms. Allyson Rocco, a Madera High School Graduate and current learning director at Clovis North. We are in the process of hiring the teaching staff, who along with Ms. Rocco, will plan and prepare the new school for the eager 8th-graders.

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