Ripperdan Community Day School

2021 Senior Class

“On the Road to Success”

I WOULD LIKE to thank the class of 2021 for all you have taught me this year! While listening to you in Zoom classes and finally getting to know you in person, I have learned a great deal. As you know, I came to Ripperdan School at the start of this year as the new principal. I have been a principal before, but not anywhere around here. You are different from most students I have worked with. You are a bit smarter and a bit stronger.

It seems to me you have learned more than other students. It seems you understand the world you have grown up in, in a different way, than I did when I was your age. I think you have experienced this world in a different way than me, most of your teachers, and how most other graduates have experienced it. This has made you a bit wiser than most.

I also believe you are stronger than most people. I see you smiling and laughing with your friends. I see you smiling and laughing with your teachers. I hear you so engaged in classroom conversations, answering questions, offering your opinions, and participating in your learning. So many others seem to be passive in their learning, waiting for a teacher to instill knowledge, bored to be in the classroom; but not you. You are taking advantage of every opportunity presented to you. You are working towards your future in every class every day. And when I ask you what career you are planning, you explain to me that you hope to do work of service to others. You hope to work to make the world a better place for all. I know you will do this. You do everything you set your mind to doing. Because you are resilient, you are strong, you are wise and determined. 

Thank you for teaching me that each of us is responsible for our own lives and attitudes and that no matter what we are given, we can earn anything.

— Ara Keledjian, Principal

Alvaro Bernardo-Martinez

RIPPERDAN HIGH SCHOOL is proud to announce the graduation of Alvaro Bernardo-Martinez. Alvaro has taken on a leadership role at Ripperdan High this year, serving on the Principal’s Committee and the Superintendent’s Student Voice program. He is always ready to provide insight into improving the school systems for all students. He has served his fellow students and the entire staff as the primary Office Assistant taking on responsibilities beyond what is required of him. 

This year, he has earned the respect of all his teachers for being keenly focused on his learning. Alvaro always participates in class discussions and works to help other students learn to embrace their learning. Ripperdan High School is a WASC Accredited school that utilizes all Madera Unified curriculum. Even through the difficulties of COVID this year, he continued to strive for excellence in all coursework. We are very proud that Alvaro Bernardo-Martinez will forever be a Ripperdan Graduate Class of 2021. Congratulations Alvaro!