Matilda Torres High School

“We Are Toros – Trustworthy, Optimistic, Resilient, Open‑minded, & Selfless”

CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE successfully made history! In the midst of a pandemic, we opened our doors for the first time and did so in true TORO fashion! Our students and staff demonstrated character and class in every endeavor.

We exemplified what it means to be a Toro. We were honest, hard working, and attempted to make the right decisions even when no one else was watching. We were constantly looking for the positive when faced with challenges.

We came together to overcome any obstacle that came our way, be it in the classroom, on the field, or in life! We made efforts to embrace new ideas, welcome diversity, and listen to differing perspectives. We were kind and compassionate. We gave back to others even when faced with adversity. We rallied behind our own community taking collections for those impacted by the pandemic, Creek Fire, and other hardships.

Our Toros consistently looked for ways to give back to their campus and community. Our students and staff alike espoused our collectively shared values in all that we achieved this year. We were trustworthy, optimistic, resilient, open-minded, and selfless.

I am genuinely proud to be part of our growing Toro Nation. I can wholeheartedly say we are well on our way to establishing an extraordinary Tradition of Excellence in all we do! We will continue to grow and strive to honor the legacy of our school’s namesake.

We look forward to having our own Toros graduate in the coming years. Until then, we would like to convey our best wishes to our fellow Madera Unified graduating Seniors. Congratulations on this monumental achievement.

— Sabrina Rodriquez, Principal

Torres High School 4.0+ GPA Students for 2020-2021

We are incredibly proud of all of the hard work, dedication, and resilience that our students have shown throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each of the students listed below have earned a 4.0 or higher GPA at the conclusion of our first semester:

9th Grade

Omar Alvarez
Liza Amezcua
Esmeralda Avalos
Daniel Ayala-Magdaleno
Bernardo Barron
Lesslie Blanco
Jacqueline Bolanos
Sabrina Cerrillo
Alyza Cervantez-Mora
Javier Chavez
Julia Chavira
Alexis Contreras-Barajas
Martin Corona
Victor Cortes-Velasquez
Joel Cortez
Yanira De Jesus-Rueda
Karla Anahi Diaz Martinez
Alvino Diaz-Lopez
Magali Diaz-Ortiz
Melina Dominguez
Tatiana Estrada-Camacho
Erandy Fernandez-Ortiz
Sean Fitzgerald
Uriel Flores
Jocelyn Galicia
Gregorio Gallegos
Abram Galvan
Aaron Garcia
Anissa Garcia
Matthew Garcia
Jacqueline Gavarrete
Ramiro Godoy-Alvarez
Geraldine Gomez Castro
Jacqueline Gutierrez
Maria Hernandez Cruz
Isha Herrera</strong
Magdaley Herrera-Martinez
Odaliz Herrera-Vasquez
Belinda Higareda-Vasquez
Omar Jayme</strong
Elizabeth Leon
Francisco Magdaleno
Jovanni Manzo
Zuly Martinez
Aiden Medina
Melanie Mendez
Salvador Mosqueda
Evelyn Munoz
Angel Murillo
Jacob Nava
Zaniyah Neely
Demetrio Nila
Alexandra Oran-Cruz
Joselyn Ordaz
Aaron Ortiz
Aaron Ortiz
Diego Ortiz-Franco
Ricardo Penaloza-Mejia
Milca Pimentel-Mendoza
Junior Reyes Garcia
Joseph Reyes
Angelica Rivas-Salas
Jahayra Romero
Briana Salas-Medina
Esmeralda Sanchez
Gabriella Sanchez
Noelani Sanchez-Campos
Ashley Sierra 
Haley Solano
Aidan Spain
Annelise Stephens
Andrea Torres
Carlos Trujillo-Jimenez
Jessie Vaca-Linares
Esaud Vargas
Anthony Vega
Kevin Villa
Fabi Xi
Elijah Xyong
Esmeralda Zamudio

10th Grade

Odalis Agustin-Mota
Leslie Balderas-Arteaga
Brianna Bedolla
Natalie Cervantes-Gama
Hope Cha
Marisol Cobian
Brian Cruz Sanchez
Levi Heredia
Adalberto Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez-Dominguez
Vetter Jacobs
Lauren Jaurique
Joey Larios
Moshe Lopez
Briana Manzano-Garcia
Lezett Martinez
Pedro Mendoza Cruz
Wayman Milam
Marco Morales Flores
Xiomara Rendon
Ashley Rico-Diaz
Jose Eduardo Rodriguez Vargas
Frank Jerik Santos
Uriel Velasco-Hernandez
Lorena Vieyra
Karina Villa- Delasancha
Cody Wilkerson
Andrea Avila-Villanueva
Jannalise Lara
Alyssa Leal
Carmen Lopez
Magaly Mendoza-Cruz
Nathaniel Perez
Susana Quintero
Amy Tenorio
Juan Valdivia
Luisa Bernabe-Cantoral
Fatima Cervantes
Celeste Chavez
Issac Enrique Cervantes
Emanuel Gomez-Hernandez
Alexiah Gonzalez
Ilene Orduna-Mora
Ingris Ortiz-Miguel
Briseyda Rangel Vargas
Amy Rivera
Rocco Saracino
David Vasquez
Stephanie Venegaz-Medina
Kassandra Villa
Leonardo Abrego-Miranda
Alyssa Dhillon
Aireanah Lara
Nancy Lopez-Lopez
Hilbert Perez
Alex Ramon-Gonzalez
Erin Robertson
Ingrid Sosa Ramirez
Vianey Zurita

Ilene Orduna Mora

Cross Country | First Athlete to Compete for THS
10th Grade 

Sports and Activities at THS 
Cross Country, Track, Cheer, GSA, HOSA, and Interact Club 

What did it feel like to be the first student to compete for Torres High School? 
It was exciting and an honor to be able to represent our school. It’s a great feeling to be able to represent [Torres]! 

Who is a staff member that inspires you at THS? 
My Cross Country coach, Coach Nolen. He is always there to support me. If I have a bad race he is understanding and supportive. 

What has been your biggest struggle this year with distance learning? 
Keeping motivated – she has been able to overcome this by looking ahead to her future, knowing that she has something to aspire to and goals has kept her focused. In addition to being a great athlete, Ilene is a 4.0 student. 

What is one highlight that you have from this year? 
The races, actually being able to compete. It helps me to get in the right mental space. I have had the opportunity to learn from my peers and a great coach. 

What legacy do you want to leave at Torres?
I want to be known for setting a positive example for girls at THS. As the first female athlete to compete for THS, I want to be an inspiration to others, so that they will know that anything is possible.

Jovanni Manzo

ASB President 
9th Grade 

What has this year, serving as Torres High School’s ASB President been Like for you?
It has definitely been a cool experience creating traditions, and helping students to feel like they are a part of a family here at Matilda Torres. 

What is the purpose of ASB at Torres High School? 
Our purpose is to serve our school community, and to really help our students make memories

Who is a staff member at THS that inspires you? 
Mr. Palacios, my Public Safety teacher. He always gives students a chance and helps them along the way if they are struggling.

What is one highlight that you have from this school year?
Coming back to campus for in person learning and all of the events that we have done to connect students in a short amount of time. 

What has been your favorite event that ASB has planned this school year? 
Our in person Lunchtime Activities, it has been fun to just hangout with friends, listen to music and play different games. 

What legacy do you want to leave at Torres? 
I want to be known for helping others. I want to be known as being someone who was optimistic, that can make the best out of a bad situation. This year we have faced many challenges, but we have all worked to make the best of what we had. 

Daniella Fernandez-Ortiz

4.0 Honor Recipient
& ASB Vice President of Business 
9th Grade

What activities are you involved in at THS? 
ASB, CSF, GSA, LatinX Club Track Team, Robotics 

What do you like about attending school at Matilda Torres High School?
It’s a new environment where everyone gets to meet new people. There is something for everyone here, and being the first students on campus gives us the opportunity to create and establish our own campus culture and that’s really special 

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during distance learning? 
Finding motivation to want to do things. Not having people around you constantly to push you to be your best has definitely been challenging, but our teachers have done a good job of helping people to understand we’re all in this together. 

Who is a Staff Member that inspires you at THS? 
Mrs. Rodriquez, she’s always positive and shows that she really cares about us. Principal is not just a title for her, she’s actually doing it all for us at the end of the day.

What is a highlight from this school year? 
Our first week back on campus. Everything was decorated and we were all here together running around finding classes, I think this an experience that many students will remember. 

What do you hope to get out of your next 4 years at THS? 
A good experience that will prepare me for my future.