Madera Adult School

2021 Senior Class

“Be Unique, Be Yourself and Follow Your Dreams with Grace and Gratitude”

GREETINGS MIGHTY MADERA Adult School Graduates of 2021! This has indeed been a year of firsts that tested our resolve as a community of the world. The Covid Pandemic managed to stop the world, and (sadly) many were lost. It brought us challenges not seen for almost a hundred years. Although the Pandemic created many difficulties and trials, you continued to push forward. You persisted through all the trials with your eye on the goal. The goal of earning your Madera Adult School Diploma! For many of you, earning a high school diploma will help you break the bonds of poverty. This is your first step to achieving your future long-term goals. 

I want each of you to take a few seconds to reflect on the experiences and challenges the pandemic created. Now, I want you to think about the lessons you will carry forward with you to help you grow as a person in a fast-changing interconnected world. Before the Covid Pandemic, many were not concerned about what happened around the world; now we are tuned into current world events knowing that an event happening in a foreign country can affect our very lives as soon as the next week!

I encourage each of you to take the lessons of determination and perseverance that we have learned and use them to propel yourselves to the next goals in your lives! 

Congratulations, Madera Adult School Phoenixes Class of 2021, on your Graduation! Many blessings to each of you on your new journey!

— David Raygoza, Principal


Andrew Lara
Lindsey Locke
Genesis Lua
Nichole Lucero
Nicole Lucero
Blanca Martinez
Heather Martinez
Manuel Martinez
Maricela Nicasio
Staysy Ochoa
Joanna Pacheco
Mershaun Pearson
Florisel Prudente
Steven Pucci
Evelyn Ramos
Michelle Reyes
Alexis Richardson
Esther Rios
Elizabeth Rivera
Anthony Rodriguez
Emilio Romero
Giovanni Rosas
Jackie Rosel
Azucena Santos
Nathan Segares
Beatriz Serrano Vargas
Jaiyden Silva
Rodolfo Valdez
Felicitas Valentin
Nallely Valenzuela
Sarah Valle
Mario Vazquez