Furman High School

2021 Senior Class

“Be Unique, Be Yourself and Follow Your Dreams with Grace and Gratitude”

FURMAN HIGH SENIOR class of 2021, I am honored to have been your school principal for these past few years. As a student and a senior, you have traveled a very rocky and un-predictable path to graduation during these current times. You have overcome setbacks and discouragement due to the impact of COVID-19 because you have been determined to beat the odds in the “Furman Way.” 

  • Furman high seniors have learned to believe in themselves and to believe they can achieve success.
  • Furman high seniors have taken the opportunity to excel academically with the limited resources provided.
  • Furman high seniors have been determined to advance to the next level regardless of the setbacks.
  • Furman high seniors have become determined and resilient through the ups and downs of their journey.
  • Furman high seniors will SOAR like the falcons!

Your perseverance has paid off, Seniors, and you made it to the next important chapter in your life. Some of you have enrolled in college, the military or a trade school. Many of you will work to help your families out and to support your own expenses. Whatever you decide to do, Furman high wishes you the best. We know that you will succeed because you were determined to reach your goals and graduate, regardless of the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

The Furman high staff is incredibly proud of you and honored to have been at your side through this journey of tough times of social distancing and isolation by doing “what’s best for your success”. 

Congratulations, Furman High graduate class of 2021, your journey to life and many possibilities has just begun!

— Hilda Castrellon, Principal


Allan Alaniz

Fernanda Alcaraz

Caring Pillar

Zaid Ambrosio-Palacios

Trinity Amezola

Christian Ayala

Jesus Barriga-Ramirez

Leticia Barrios-Quintero

Rocio Bernal-Nieto

Anmerie Charlton

Anna Luisa Chavez-Valverde

Ariane Conley


Deisy Cortes-Santos


Angelica Cortez-Herrera


Duricela Cortez-Matamoros

Caring Pillar

Sinthia Cruz


Alexa Monic Del Toro


Logan Diaz

Caring Pillar, Leadership

Elba Duarte-Villa

Scholarship Award Recognition

Joseph Egure

Yahid Estrada-Martinez

Mireyda Figueroa


Tereza Flores-Perez

Caring Pillar

Arianna Flores

David Flores

Maritza Garcia Moya

Miguel Garcia-Rios

Caring Pillar

Joel Guzman


Nataly Guzman

Caring Pillar

Aketzalli Hernandez-Torres

Caring Pillar, Leadership

Aaron Juarez

Ryan Kephart

Madison Lasswell

Responsibility, Leadership

Isaac Lopez-Martinez

Responsibility, Leadership

Samantha Lopez


Angel Maclovio Racinez

Caring Pillar

Jose Mendez-Ramos

Vicente Mendez

Rafaela Nambo-Escutia

Emily Pepers


David Ramirez

Emmanuel Ramiro-Fuentes

Caring Pillar

Dustin Rejda

Caring Pillar, Leadership,
Senior of the Year,Student Speaker

Aaron Rivas

Blanca Saldana

Sandoval, Yahaira

Caring Pillar

Cristian Santiago

Caring Pillar

Gonzalo Solorio

Gavin Toews

Rosa Torres Palomares

Caring Pillar

Makayla Turner

Seth Upton

Ruben Uribe

Max Valenzuela

Perla Valenzuela

Jesus Villanueva-Ochoa

Daniel Zurita