David Hernandez (l) and Tim Riché (r) during a successful Parent Conference
David Hernandez (l) and Tim Riché (r) during a successful Parent Conference

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David Hernandez | Serving the Madera Community with PRIDE!

By David Hernandez, Director Community Service and Parent Resource Centers

DAVID HERNANDEZ GRADUATED from Madera High School in 1982 and currently serves the entire Madera Unified School District as Director of Community Services and Parent Resource Centers. As an alumni, David has worked across professional sectors and geographies, with a diverse citizenry and backgrounds and experiences. He has worked across the aisles to bring multi-generation and communities through a shared mission for life-long learning. While many of his peers graduated from Madera High School and left the community for higher education and career paths, David stayed behind to financially support his family and begin his mission to serve the Madera community. 

David has witnessed unprecedented growth within Madera, particularly in population, new businesses, expansion of commercial and residential properties, and the opening of new MUSD schools. Since the age of six, David has lived in Madera and has been serving the Madera Community since the age of 16. David credits over 37 years of community service through his many employment opportunities and community philanthropy. Upon exiting Madera High School, David attended Kings River Community College, Fresno City College, and graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. David was the first in his family to attend college and obtain a degree. 

David’s work experience began at the ripe age of seven years old working various farms and harvesting various valley fruits and vegetables. During his junior year in high school, he began working at local fast-food restaurants and retail stores. He officially began his career in education and community resources through his 7 years with Community Action Partnership of Madera County, serving as the Outreach Coordinator for Head Start, then becoming the Accounts Payable Specialist at Headquarter, and later promoted to Director of Victim Services. David also served six years at the Housing Authority of the City of Madera as a Community Services Coordinator and then promoted to Housing Services Manager. He then began his 23 years journey at Madera Unified School District as the Manager of Community Education. He was promoted in 2013 to Director of Community Services and Parent Resource Centers, where he currently serves MUSD families.

David has maintained a stellar reputation for service to Madera’s City and County students, parents, and community stakeholders. David has been an active and caring community servant, working and volunteering his time for local non-profits and serving the Madera County Child Abuse Prevention Council for 20 years, the Local Agency Coordinating Council for Youth Services for over 28 years, and the Alternative Education Scholarship for 20 years. Among his many contributions, David is proud of establishing a network of 10 Parent Resource Centers (PRC’s). The Centers are designed to empower parents through parent engagement opportunities and are strategically nestled within MUSD neighborhood schools to serve families. David opened the first emergency battered women’s shelter in Madera and helped create the first Child Sexual Assault Prevention Program in Madera County. These Prevention and Intervention programs have dramatically reduced family violence rates and helped boost protective factors to maintain a safe, peaceful and harmonious community. 


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