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GEORGE MARTIN / A direct line from Robot #1323 to the CSUF Engineering Program

By Frédéric Martin, Editor-in-Chief

CSUF Senior George Martin, son of Renee and Frederic Martin, was born in the Bay Area, but grew up in Madera after his family moved here in 2000. His academic career started at Pixieland (pre-school), near Lincoln Elementary, where he eventually completed his early education. This is where he also met a superlative teacher: Mr. Felipe Magos, whose name he suspects, will be lauded in many Alumni profiles in future editions of We Believe News. George’s praise went well beyond Mr. Magos’ wildly successful Egyptian museum, underscoring his instructor’s love of teaching, truly inspiring qualities, and deep engagement with his students to creatively stimulate their interest in learning; “At that early age, Mr. Magos set me on a path,” said George.

George went on to Thomas Jefferson Middle School, where he eventually was invited to check out the Madera High School swimming pool, after completing his second year. When he entered Madera High (then called Madera North), he joined the water polo and swim teams. He immediately took to the water and blew away a few freshman records before the end of his first year in the pool. George also excelled in academics, graduating with a 4.33 GPA, ending in the top two or three of the class of 2015. George also was the captain of the varsity water polo and swim teams. He broke speed swimming records during his four years at Madera High, many of which still stand and are posted up on the walls of the aquatic center, waiting to be broken. George also won first place in his event, the 100 freestyle, at the valley competition, in his senior year. At Madera High, George built enduring friendships with some of his teammates, a few of their parents, and some of his instructors. 

George joined the MadTown robotics program in his Junior year and found his calling while contributing to the eventual success of Robot #1323, on the machine’s long amazing path to the world championship crown in 2019. His physics teacher, Mr. Howden, made a deep impression on his education, because he made his subject appealing to a lot of kids even if they struggled with the concepts. His teaching method was masterful and very effective. 

The engineering program at California State University, Fresno features an internship program— the Valley Industry Partnership for Cooperative Education (VIP)— which most enrolled students use to gain a full year’s worth of engineering experience, and during which students typically take a year off. George completed the VIP program last year and is now completing his senior requirements while on staff at one of the firms for which he had interned. His senior project is assembling teams of seniors, whose work is meticulously monitored and validated, as they cooperate on projects he cannot openly discuss, but which will have real world applications once completed. 

George will graduate in the spring of 2020, armed with engineering certifications. George is currently in the process of preparing his applications for a master’s program in engineering.


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