Alecia Rosel: “A Rare Accomplishment”

In the age of sports specialization, it is rare to find multi-sports athletes. Most focus on a single activity, hoping to compete in college, unaware that only few ever reach that lofty goal. MSHS Senior Alecia Rosel stands out. For four years, she has been a hugely talented 12-sport varsity athlete (volleyball, basketball, softball, etc.), with a 3.6 GPA, but never thought about playing in college. She plays all the sports she encounters because it’s fun! Starting with Polynesian Dance and softball, she joined the Madera Unified MULES program and selected volleyball and basketball. She loves competition, being active, and developing leadership skills. Her mantra: “lead by example.” A true competitor, her demeanor on the court rarely changes regardless of the outcome or flow of the game. She owes her success and personal attributes to her very supportive family. With high school ending in May, a big decision is looming. Alecia has inspired many players and has consistently demonstrated a great attitude and superb work ethics: a very rare accomplishment for a 12-Sport Varsity Athlete! You go, girl!

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