A Full Schedule of Renovation Projects Throughout the Madera Unified School District

In addition to many district-wide projects, such as a major retrofit of Madera High, the Madera South High School Campus is finally going to be fully completed after many years of patience.

Quite a few Madera schools have recently benefited from varying upgrades, ranging from asphalt implementations to full renovations of entire buildings, such as the CTE facilities on the Madera High campus. The 20,000+ square foot complex will be stripped to the studs and completely reconfigured to accommodate the modernizations required for improved teaching and learning. The project is going out to bid shortly.

The automotive, the construction and the heavy/medium truck (diesel engine repair) Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways facilities will all be renovated. Three shops, three classroom spaces, and new restrooms will constitute the core components of the entire retrofit upgrades. The cost for the project is around $5 million and does not require a bond as funds have been specifically parked for that purpose. Industry partners have been deeply involved in multiple upgrade projects to ensure the facilities provide a real-world environment that will ready the pathway students for a smooth transition into the profession they have chosen.

The Madera South High School will also see vast improvements, with plans to enhance the quality of its sports facility, by adding artificial turf, all-weather track, new bleachers, a snack bar area, new restrooms, altogether costing about $5 million. Madera South was built in two main phases, starting in the early 1990s and only became its own campus in 2007. After the completion of the enhancements listed above, scheduled for completion in 2019, this final upgrade will truly complete the construction of the Madera South high school campus, allowing the school to proudly host sports events. MUSD wishes to take this opportunity to thank Madera’s residents for their indefatigable support, for investing in the quality and performance of our school district’s infrastructure, and for proudly saying that We Believe in Madera, now more than ever.


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