Jander Duque, Madera High School


Jander Duque

A True Madera High School Coyote

By Jander Duque, Child Welfare & Attendance

My name is Jander Duque, and I am the Child Welfare & Attendance for Madera High School. I think my story may resemble yours as it mirrors that of many of our students in Madera Unified. My journey began when I came to America not speaking English. Once here, I attended my classes and worked in agriculture when I was not in school to help my family. While in school at Madera High, I found my way through the Newcomers Program, which guides newcomer students to navigate challenges and provides them and their families with resources while also acknowledging their strengths and abilities. I also learned by observing the adults’ positive behaviors around me and how that made me feel when they connected with me. From here, I knew that creating a connection would be part of the “secret sauce” to success in school and life. 

I have served as the Adviser of the Mexican-American club, which has honored diversity and helped our district spearhead national celebrations such as Hispanic Heritage Month. I have also served as a senior class adviser, helping execute activities and events such as prom and graduation during a pandemic. 

Part of my duties, with my current role as a Child Welfare and Attendance, include making personal phone calls, monitoring daily attendance, and making weekly home visits. I am constantly interpreting for families, ensuring they receive all the support they need to navigate the “high school experience” successfully. In my role supporting child and family welfare, I have established countless connections with families across the city of Madera.

I check in regularly on our MHS families because I believe every kid deserves a chance. I see myself in our students and BELIEVE they will succeed, so I do everything in my power to make sure it happens. 


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