(l to r) Lorena Rardin, Veronica Mora, and Gloria Ramirez
(l to r) Lorena Rardin, Veronica Mora, and Gloria Ramirez


Area Assistant Superintendent Administrative Assistants

They work hard to serve the district and the community

By Veronica Mora, Administrative Assistant to Lalo Lopez, Lorena Rardin, Administrative Assistant to Jesse Carrasco, Gloria Ramirez, Administrative Assistant to Oracio Rodriguez

With student-centered decision-making at the core of our daily activities, the Area Assistant Superintendent’s Administrative Assistants (AAS Ladies, as we are referred to by many at Madera Unified School District) focus daily on providing high-quality customer service to parents, district personnel, and the community at large.

You can find us centrally located in the district office. 

Lorena Rardin, under the direction of Area Assistant Superintendent, Jesse Carrasco, serving the Purple Pyramid. 

Veronica Mora, under the direction of Area Assistant Superintendent, Lalo Lopez, serving the Blue Pyramid.

Gloria Ramirez, under the direction of Area Assistant Superintendent, Oracio Rodriguez, serving the Red Pyramid.

With a servant’s heart, we reply to texts, calls, and emails to support school sites. We are the point of contact for parent concerns and often for site administrators. We work collectively to serve all pyramids and support all three (3) Area Assistant Superintendents. Our internal goal is to work seamlessly and provide all whom we serve unparalleled customer service, which will allow our district to continue to provide a high-quality learning organization. 

Our work is often self-directed. We work on special projects, coordinate district-wide training, organize seminars, prepare conferences from inception to conclusion, and meet all the necessary deadlines.

Interdepartmental support is pivotal in the collaborative culture in which we work. The Area Assistant Superintendent’s office is a full-service shop. Our goal is to answer the question or find the answer, schedule the meeting, address the concern, investigate the situation, share the information, or make adjustments to accommodate any event. We are information brokers.

We are intentional in keeping up with student, staff, department, district, and community updates. As a direct point of contact for the community, it is imperative that the information we share be correct and work to continuously improve. We are committed to sustaining the trust that Madera Unified families place in our office. 

Lastly, we have great respect for each other. We are in constant communication and keep each other abreast of new information. We know each other’s strengths and together we can handle any challenge. We are not above any task and are always willing to get the job done. Our daily responsibilities keep us very busy, but we will always make time. We take pride in our roles within the district and the support we can provide. 


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