Sheryl Sisil

Sheryl Sisil is the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for Madera Unified School District. Sisil is a Madera native who attended Millview Elementary and  Thomas Jefferson, and graduated from Madera High School.  Sheryl received her Bachelors of Science Degree and Teaching Credential at Fresno State University.  And later she received her Masters Degree in Administrative Services from Concordia University. After graduating from Fresno State Sheryl began her career in education as an Agriculture teacher at Firebaugh High School. In 2004, Sheryl began with Madera Unified where she was an Agriculture Instructor for three years and then served as a Vice-Principal for the School of Agriculture for six years and the Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Instruction for three years all at Madera South High School. Prior to being named the Assistant Superintendent Sheryl served for three years as the Director of College and Career Readiness.  Sisil worked closely with Career Technical Education (CTE) instructors, business partners, and industry stakeholders to develop and implement Career Pathways that will provide a solid workforce for the local business and industry partners.  In her time as the Director of College and Career Readiness for Madera Unified School District, there was a significant increase in the Career Technical Education programs as student’s enrollment nearly doubled in the last two years.